John Bauer and Heidi Holtan spoke with ISD 318 Superintendent, Joni Olson and Committee Member, Mindy Nuhring about the upcoming bond referendum.

John Bauer

Program 62   Leaving a Legacy: Creating the Blandin Foundation, 1940

A radio series produced by historian Don Boese.   Don is the author of eight books dealing with local history in Itasca County, including "John C. Greenway and the Opening of the Western Mesabi", and the main source for this series,  "Papermakers: the Blandin Paper Company and Grand Rapids, Minnesota".

On Thursday March 22nd there's a conference open to the general public at Itasca Community College.  It's from 9-3 and it's called "Navigating Information in a Post-Truth Era". 

Earlier this week we talked with one of the presenters, Julie Ethan from Better Angels - a nonprofit in the Twin Cities that has a mission to depolarize America. 

Associated Press

Our reporter, Scott Hall, recently looked back at the crude oil pipeline rupture that occurred near Grand Rapids in March of 1991.  The oil spilled onto a wetland and through a storm sewer to the Prairie River – about one point seven million gallons in all.   

Growing Together Virginia Community Gardens

Growing Together Virginia Community Gardens Coordinator Dawn Traxel has been starting the seeds for her own garden for almost 15 years. She and farmer Janna Goerdt from the Fat Chicken Farm in Embarrass are presenting a workshop on starting veggie plants from seed on Thursday March 15 at the Olcott Park Greenhouse in Virginia.

Penumbra Theatre

Abby Swafford and Devery Fairbanks both live in Bemidji and both answered the call to submit their unique perspectives on American life to the Penumbra Theatre's My America writing contest.  They stopped by the KBXE studio to talk about the experience of becoming a finalist in the statewide competition.  Click on the link to hear the conversation! 

Marilyn Lee via KAXE-KBXE Season Watch FB Page

We care deeply about the natural world around us here at KAXE-KBXE.  Each week, our resident phenologist John Latimer's Phenology Report provides a comprehensive look at what's  happening in nature here in northern Minnesota.  

In addition to the Phenology Report, this week John pays his respects to longtime listener and lover of the outdoors Ken Perry of Brainerd.  Ken was a phenologist at heart and contributed regularly to our show.  Our thoughts are with Ken's family.  

Steve Patterson via KAXE-KBXE Season Watch FB Page


Every Tuesday we hear from students and listeners as they send in weekly Phenology observations.  In this wide ranging Phenology Talkbacks segment, we hear from students in Northfield, Carlton, Two Harbors, Virginia and Ely.  We also hear comments from a number of observant listeners who emailed their thoughts our way.  Listen to the link for this report that assures us spring is just around the corner.

1st Annual KAXE/KBXE Book Awards

·       Nearly 60  entries

·       In the 1st few categories we did not have a definitive winner, so we’ll list a couple of titles where the reader who nominated the book did a really good job in convincing us that these books were good.


Best Setting:

Notable entries:

John Longnecker of Pequot Lakes invites John and Sarah in for a great breakfast of an omlette with onion, celery, potato, green onion, ham, and seasoning salt. It's a good start to the day, but not quite as good as the first food John eats every single day, 365 days a year, an orange.


Latest News from National Public Radio

On small peasant farms across Colombia, panela, or unrefined whole cane sugar, is grown, picked and processed entirely by hand. It constitutes the basic economy for hundreds of municipalities, and is second only to coffee in the number of people engaged in its production.

Vladimir Putin won a fourth term as Russia's president on Sunday in a vote designed to be more of a referendum on his 18 years in power than a competitive election.

According to official results as of Monday morning, Putin swept up almost 77 percent of the vote, with Communist candidate Pavel Grudinin trailing in a distant second with less than 12 percent. None of the other six pre-approved candidates rose above the single digits.

As Venezuela reels from hyperinflation that has caused a severe shortage of cash, one city is trying to mitigate the problem by printing its own currency.

Elorza, in western Venezuela near the border with Colombia, is selling its own bills featuring the image of an independence leader from the area, according to Reuters.

It's the worst Lassa fever outbreak ever recorded in Nigeria, according to the World Health Organization.

"In January alone there were more cases [203 suspected cases] than during the whole year 2017 combined," says Lorenzo Pomarico, emergency coordinator for the medical group ALIMA, the Alliance for International Medical Action. "This is an extraordinary and unprecedented outbreak in its sheer scale."

People across the country will gather to call for stricter gun regulations at the "March For Our Lives" on Saturday, March 24. Are you planning on participating in the march — or a counterprotest — in Washington, D.C., or another city? Tell us why.

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